4ft Showcase display waterproof LED Light x3 series

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$ 41.99 

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This 4ft LED showcase light can be use in retail display case that require waterproof. It is design for damp and wet location like bakery display, merchandiser freezer and produce display. It is light and can be install by using included mounting clips or double sided adhesive ( not included ). It can be install on regular jewelry showcase too! 


  • 13 watt 
  • Color: 6000k
  • Lumen: 1200LM
  • Input voltage 12v
  • DC input
  • Total length 48.5 inches

Package content:

  • 1pcs x3DC LED Tube
  • 1pcs power lead wire 
  • 2pcs mounting clips per light.
  • Power supply Optional

All LED light will be tested before shipping to ensure quality and functionality