Fridge cooler LED module C5630 packages

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$ 35.99 
SKU: 5630W103AWP

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Replace your old cooler fluorescent tube with our new LED cooler module light. These bright LED lights can make your merchandise stand out it is great for stand-alone fridge, walk-in cooler or any places that you need waterproof led lighting. 
  • Features a UL Listed waterproof LED power supply
  • 20pieces 5630 LED module per strip
  • Pure white 5500k
  • IP65 waterproof 
Package include:
  • 5630 SMD white cooler LED light module
  • 1pcs 12V UL Listed waterproof power supply 
  • splitter cable will be included with the 6A power supply package option
  • All LED light will be tested before shipping to ensure quality and functionality