Jewelry Showcase LED Pole light Model FY-45 silver 6000k

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This LED showcase pole light can be used inside jewelry showcases, Trade shows, watch display cabinets, Cell phone stores, restaurant hostess stations, or any place where you need light. It's very easy to install into a cabinet or shelf.

  Specification of LED Light:

  • Emitting Color: White 6000K
  • LED Type: 6x LED chip       
  • Input voltage: 12V DC
  • Beaming Angle: 160°
  • Light height: 9.5"
  • Total length including screw: 11 inches
  • Secure screw length: 0.75 ~ 1 inch
  • Cut-out hole size requirement: 7/16 inch
Package specification
  • FY-45 series jewelry showcase pole light
  • UL Listed 12V DC 2A Power Supply
  • UL listed 3A power supply will be included with 4 poles light package

( DO NOT connect LED directly to 110v outlet.  Use only AC to 12V DC power supply provided) 

Please note: the baseboard and the jewelry that is shown in the picture is not included.