20" White color U5630 Series Showcase Cabinet LED light

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20-inch WHITE color 5630 SMD LED showcase lights, perfect for your Jewelry cabinet, under cabinet or showcase. These lights are very bright it will sure make your merchandise stand out. Each 20 inches LED light has 36 LED chips.

Each end of the LED bar has a mounting hole for you to mount to the wall or wood of the cabinet.

Can link additional LED to increase brightness and length for your specific needs.

( DO NOT connect led directly to 110v outlet use only AC power supply provided )

note: AC adapter and power supply DC adapter and LED light are not waterproof, do not use in a wet area.


Emitting Color: Pure White 5500K-6000K
LED Type: 5630 SMD
Input voltage: 12V DC
Beaming Angle: 120°
Lumen: 900lm per LED bar

Size: 20.5" x 0.75" x 0.75" 

Package content:

  • 1pcs LED U5630 SMD bar
  • 1pcs DC Connector
  • UL Listed power supply optional

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