12v 2835 Series CRI 95 4000k Natural white color LED strip light + Aluminum Channel

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This high quality new 2835 4000k Natural White color LED Lights with highly impressive 95 CRI. Great for light up Jewelry showcase, under cabinet, ambient and many other purposes. 

  • A bundle of 5pcs LED Light Aluminum channel is included. Each Aluminum channel is 39.5" in length and 5pcs can cover 1 roll of 16ft LED Strip light. 
  • The high quality 2835 CRI 95 SMD chip has 90pcs chip per meter which can minimize the shadow and increase brightness.
  • The impressive CRI 95 can make your product look shape and stand out. 


  • Color: 4000K (Natural White)
  • LED chip type: 2835 SMD CRI95
  • Strip Width: 8mm
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Cutting point distance: 1.3"
  • LED chip quantity per roll: 450
  • 5100 Lumen per roll
  • Wattage: 47w per 16ft strip
  • Size: 192" x 0.32" x0.01"

 Package Content:

  • 1 roll White 16ft 4000k Natural 2835 CRI95 LED light strip.
  • UL Listed 12v Power Supply
  • 5pcs 39.5" LED Aluminum Channel 
  • All LED strip light will be tested before shipping to ensure quality and functionality

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